The componentDefaultConfig module is used to configure the implementation of plugins the framework has to use for specific features (e.g. computation…). Contrary to the other modules, it is impossible to give an exhaustive list of the existing properties.

The name of the properties are the name of Java interfaces of the powsybl framework. The values must be the complete name of a class which implements this interface.

  • ContingenciesProviderFactory
  • LoadFlowFactory
  • SensitivityComputationFactory
  • SensitivityFactorsProviderFactory
  • MpiStatisticsFactory
  • SecurityAnalysisFactory
  • SimulatorFactory


In the configuration below, we define these functionalities:

  • A security analysis
  • A description of contingencies
  • A loadflow

The chosen implementations are:

  • “slow” security analysis (for a few contingencies), post-contingency LF based implementation
  • the contingencies expressed in Groovy DSL language
  • the ‘mock’ loadflow (a loadflow implementation that does nothing on the network: for demonstration purposes, only)


    ContingenciesProviderFactory: com.powsybl.action.dsl.GroovyDslContingenciesProviderFactory
    LoadFlowFactory: com.powsybl.loadflow.mock.LoadFlowFactoryMock