The interface is used to model a battery. A battery on the electric grid is an energy storage device that is either capable of capturing energy from the grid or of injecting it into the grid. The electric energy on the grid side is thus transformed in chemical energy on the battery side and vice versa. The power flow is bidirectional and it is controlled via a power electronic converter.


Attribute Type Unit Required Default value Description
p0 double MW yes - The Constant active power
q0 double MVar yes - The Constant reactive power
MinP double MW yes - The Minimal active power
MaxP double MW yes - The Maximum active power
RegulatingTerminal TerminalExt - no - The terminal used for regulation

Active Limits

The minimal active power is expected to be lower than the maximal active power.


This example shows how to create a new Battery in the network:

Battery battery = network.getVoltageLevel("VL").newBattery()


Active power control

This extension is used for both batteries and generators, see generators.