Current limits

The interface is used to model current limits for branches, dangling lines and three windings transformers. Current limits are defined by at most one permanent limit and/or any number of temporary limits.

Permanent Limits

A permanent limit is modeled by a double.

Temporary Limits

A temporary limit has an acceptable duration. The component on which the current limits are applied can safely remain between the preceding limit (it could be another temporary limit or a permanent limit) and this limit for a duration up to the acceptable duration. A NaN value for the acceptable duration of a temporary limit means an infinite duration.


This example shows how to create a new CurrentLimits instance:

CurrentLimits currentLimits = network.getDanglingLine("DL").newCurrentLimits()
        .setAcceptableDuration(20 * 60)
        .setAcceptableDuration(10 * 60)