The class is an implementation of the interface that detects security violations by running load-flows after applying each contingency. This implementation can be very slow if the contingency list contains a lot of contingencies, thus triggering a lot of load-flow computations, but it has the advantages of only requiring a com.powsybl.loadflow.LoadFlow implementation.


In order to use the SecurityAnalysisImpl implementation, set the following properties of the componentDefaultConfig module:

  • SecurityAnalysisFactory to
  • LoadFlowFactory to com.powsybl.loadflow.mock.LoadFlowMockFactory
  • ContingenciesProviderFactory to com.powsybl.action.dsl.GroovyDslContingenciesProviderFactory

Note: Powsybl provides no implementation of the LoadFlow API except the com.powsybl.loadflow.mock.LoadFlowMock that does nothing.

Read this documentation page to learn more about the configuration of the contingency list.

Read this documentation page to learn more about security analysis parameters file.