Getting started

The Powsybl framework offers two different ways to package an application.

The first one aims to create a command line bundle, based on the iTools script, using the itools-packager-maven-plugin.

The second one aims to create a JavaFX desktop application based on the Grid Study Environment, using the javafx-packager to create an installable bundle for Linux (rpm or deb), Windows (exe or msi) or MacOS (pkg or dmg).


Most features of Powsybl can be configured by editing the relative configuration’s module in the configuration files. Read this documentation page to learn more about Powsybl’s configuration and have an overview of all the existing modules.


IIDM (iTesla Internal Data Model) is a set of classes that provides a complete grid model. IIDM modules are a part of the most important Powsybl modules. Read this page to learn more about the IIDM. IIDM networks can be loaded or saved to XML files without any data loss.

IIDM networks can also be created from various formats such as UCTE-DEF or Entso-E CGMES and be exported to various formats. Read the importer and the exporter documentation pages to learn more about import/export features.

Powsybl also provides business features to work with networks:

Time series

Read this page to learn more about the time series modeling in Powsybl.


The iTools script provides a common way to run Powsybl commands using the command line. It provides several tools, sorted by themes:

Theme Command Description
Application file system afs Application File System CLI
Computation action-simulator Run a remedial actions simulation
Computation compare-security-analysis-results Compare security analysis results
Computation loadflow Run a loadflow computation
Computation loadflow-validation Validate the load-flow results of a network
Computation run-impact-analysis Run an impact analysis
Computation security-analysis Run a security analysis
Computation sensitivity-computation Run a sensitivity computation
Data conversion convert-network Convert a network from one format to another
MPI statistics export-tasks-statistics Export the tasks statistics to CSV file
Script run-script Run a script
Misc plugins-info Displays the available plugins

Read this documentation page to learn more about Powsybl command line interface.


Powsybl is a plugin based Java framework. Most features can be customized by creating a new implementation of a service or extended by a new extension. Read this documentation page to learn more about how to extend the features of the framework.