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CIM Importer

ENTSO-E approved the first version of the CIM based data exchange specification for grid models in 2009, based on IEC CIM14 (UML14v02) and known as ENTSO-E Profile 1.

Profile 1 is currently valid for ENTSO-E data exchanges until an approved version of the CGMES is implemented and comes into force. The ENTSO-E CIM Profile 1 defines how ENTSO-E members, using software from different vendors, will exchange grid modelling information as required by ENTSO-E and TSO business activities.

To facilitate the implementation of this specification, in the period 2013-2014, the ENTSO-E CIM Profile 1 document was revised to include the agreements reached in the intero‚Äčperability test 2013 which were published as separate annex to the specification.

Please refers to the official ENTSO-E COM Profile 1 website.

Configuration properties for CIM1 importer

These properties can be defined in the configuration file in the import-export-parameters-default-value module.


The iidm.import.cim1.invert-voltage-step-increment-out-of-phase property is an optional property that defines if the CIM1 Importer inverts the voltageStepIncrementOutOfPhase attribute. Its default value is false.


The iidm.import.cim1.default-country property is an optional property that defines the country the substation belongs to by default if it is not indicated in the file. Its default value is AFGHANISTAN.


The iidm.import.cim1.use-psse-naming-strategy property is an optional property that defines if the CIM1 Importer uses the PSS/E naming strategy or not. Its default value is true.


The iidm.import.cim1.substation-id-excluded-from-mapping property is an optional property that defines the IDs of the substations excluded from the network during the import of the CIM1 file. Its default value is an empty list.

Deprecated configuration properties for CIM1 importer


The invertVoltageStepIncrementOutOfPhase is deprecated since V2.4.0. Use iidm.import.cim1.invert-voltage-step-increment-out-of-phase instead.


The defaultCountry is deprecated since V2.4.0. Use iidm.import.cim1.default-country instead.


The usePsseNamingStrategy is deprecated since V2.4.0. Use iidm.import.cim1.use-psse-naming-strategy instead.


The substationIdExcludedFromMapping is deprecated since V2.4.0. Use iidm.import.cim1.substation-id-excluded-from-mapping instead.

Maven configuration

To support CIM files, add the following dependencies to the pom.xml file:


NB: In order to work, the CIM1 importer also need an IIDM implementation in the pom.xml. Powsybl provides one so you can simply add it: