Internal data model

Powsybl’s internal data model describes electrical networks via a network core model which represents the network equipments and its main attributes and network extensions which can specify equipments’ particular attributes for custom use cases.

Network core model

The Network core modeling is made of two main objects: substations and lines. A substation can have several voltage levels and a line can be of several types:

The following image shows some elements of the internal data model:

IIDM model

IIDM format and its serialization/deserialization have several versions. This page documents the latest IIDM version, available on latest SNAPSHOT version.

For more information on prior versions, powsybl-core’s wiki page lists all the format’s evolutions for each version.

Network extensions

As explained above, network extensions can describe electrical equipments’ attributes which are only useful for some specific use cases (e.g. dynamic simulation, UCTE networks merging, etc.). The following extensions are provided by Powsybl framework:

However, it is also possible to create you own custom network extension for your need.