Dangling line

The com.powsybl.iidm.network.DanglingLine interface is used to model a dangling line. A dangling line is a component that aggregates a line chunk and a constant power injection. The active and reactive power setpoints are fixed.


Attribute Type Unit Required Default value Description
P0 double MW yes - The active power setpoint
Q0 double MVar yes - The reactive power setpoint
R double yes - The series resistance
X double yes - The series reactance
G double S yes - The shunt conductance
B double S yes - The shunt susceptance
UcteXnodeCode String - no - The dangling line’s UCTE Xnode code

Electrical characteristics

R, X, G and B correspond to a percent of the original line and have to be consistent with the declared length of the dangling line.

UCTE Xnode Code

The UCTE Xnode code is defined in the case where the line is a boundary. See the UCTE-DEF documentation page to learn more about this format.


This example shows how to create a new DanglingLine in the network:

DanglingLine danglingLine = network.getVoltageLevel("VL").newDanglingLine()