HVDC line

The com.powsybl.iidm.network.HvdcLine interface is used to model an HVDC Line. An HVDC line is connected to the DC side of two HVDC converters stations.


Attribute Type Unit Required Default value Description
R double yes - The resistance of the line
ConvertersMode ConvertersMode - yes - The converter’s mode
NominalV double kV yes - The nominal voltage
ActivePowerSetpoint MW double yes - The active power setpoint
MaxP double MW yes - The maximum active power
ConverterStationId1 String - yes - The ID of the HVDC converter station connected on side 1
ConverterStationId2 String - yes - The ID of the HVDC converter station connected on side 2


The com.powsybl.iidm.network.HvdcLine.ConvertersMode enum contains these two values:


The active power setpoint and the maximum active power should always be positive values. The flow sign is given by the type of the converter station. Power always flows from rectifier converter station to inverter converter station. At a terminal on AC side, P and Q follow load sign convention. P is positive on rectifier side. P is negative at inverter side.


This example shows how to create a new HvdcLine in the network:

HvdcLine hvdcLine = network.newHvdcLine()