Shunt compensator

The interface is used to model a shunt compensator.


Attribute Type Unit Required Default value Description
bPerSection double S yes - The Positive sequence shunt (charging) susceptance per section
MaximumSectionCount integer int yes - The maximum number of sections that may be switched on
CurrentSectionCount integer int yes - The current number of section that may be switched on


A section of a shunt compensator is an individual capacitor or reactor. A value of bPerSection positive means it is modeling a capacitor, an equipment that injects reactive power into the bus. A value of bPerSection negative means a reactor, an equipment that can absorb excess reactive power from the network.

Current Section Count

The current section count is expected to be greater than one and lesser or equal to the maximum section count.

Flow sign convention

Shunt compensators follow a load sign convention:

  • Flow out from bus has positive sign.
  • Consumptions are positive.

In case of a capacitor, the value for its Q will be negative. In case of a reactor, the value for its Q will be positive.


This example shows how to create a new ShuntCompensator in the network:

ShuntCompensator shunt = network.getVoltageLevel("VL").newShunt()