VSC Converter Station

The com.powsybl.iidm.network.VscConverterStation interface is used to model a VSC Converter Station. In IIDM, this is a sub interface of HVDC Converter Station.


Attribute Type Unit Required Default value Description
VoltageRegulatorOn boolean - yes - The voltage regulator status
VoltageSetpoint double kV no - The voltage setpoint
ReactivePowerSetpoint double MVar no - The reactive power setpoint


The voltage setpoint is required if the voltage regulator is on. The reactive power setpoint is required if the voltage regulator is off.

Reactive Limits

A set of reactive limits can be associated to a VSC converter station. All the reactive limits modelings available in the library are described here.


This example shows how to create a new VSC Converter Station in a network:

VscConverterStation vcs = voltageLevel.newVscConverterStation()