The iTools script provides a common way to interact with Powsybl, using the command line.


usage: itools [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]

Available options are:
    --config-name <CONFIG_NAME>   Override configuration file name

Available commands are:



Use the --config-name parameter to set the configuration file’s basename. This basename is used to find the configuration file in the specified iTools configuration directory.

Available commands

The iTools commands are discovered at runtime: depending of the jars present in the classpath, some commands could be unavailable. The commands are classified in themes, to help identifying their purpose.

Theme Command Description
Application file system afs Application File System CLI
Computation action-simulator Run a remedial actions simulation
Computation compare-security-analysis-results Compare security analysis results
Computation loadflow Run a loadflow computation
Computation loadflow-validation Validate the load-flow results of a network
Computation run-impact-analysis Run an impact analysis
Computation security-analysis Run a security analysis
Computation sensitivity-computation Run a sensitivity computation
Data conversion convert-network Convert a network from one format to another
MPI statistics export-tasks-statistics Export the tasks statistics to CSV file
Script run-script Run a script
Misc plugins-info Displays the available plugins

Learn more

Read this page to learn how to configure the framework and this page to learn how to set up the logging system used in Powsybl.

Read this tutorial to learn how to create a new iTools command.