The configuration mechanism supports YAML and XML file formats. The framework looks inside all the folders specified to the powsybl_config_dirs property in the itools.conf file for configuration files. The framework uses the powsybl_config_name property as the basename of the configuration files. It looks for a YAML file first, then for a XML file. The XML file will be used only if the YAML configuration file has not been found.

The configuration can also be configured using the system’s environment variables. These variables should respect the following format: MODULE_NAME__PROPERTY_NAME. Note that these variables will overload the XML/YAML configuration files.

The default configuration folder and the configuration file name can be configured in the POWSYBL_HOME/etc/itools.conf.

Modules and properties

The configuration file contains a list of modules, that can be required or optional. Each module contains one or several properties. These properties can also be required or optional. Names in configuration files are case-sensitive.


YAML configuration

    property1a: value1
    property1b: value2

    property2a: value3
    property2b: value4
    property2c: value5

XML configuration


System’s environment variables

Configuration properties can also be overridden using system’s environment variables. The module and the property are separated using two underscores. The table below give examples on the way to declare environment variables for PowSyBl:

Environment variable Module name Property name
MODULE1__PROPERTY1=1 module1 property1
LOWER_HYPHEN__PROPERTY2=2 lower-hyphen property2
LOWER_CAMEL__PROPERTY3=3 lowerCamel property3
UPPER_CAMEL__PROPERTY4=4 UpperCamel property4
SNAKE_CASE__PROPERTY5=5 snake_case property5

Modules list