Download a basic PowSyBl distribution to start using features such as running a loadflow or converting an electrical grid file from one format to another.

PowSyBl distributions are functional on Windows, Linux and MacOS.

To install this basic PowSyBl distribution on your local machine, go to our installation guide.

It is also possible to install a basic PowSyBl distribution from the sources. Go to our installation guide to know more.

To learn more about the available iTools commands in this basic distribution, go to our beginner guide.

Release Size Download Dependencies
Basic PowSyBl distribution v2023.0.0 53.7 MB
source code: .zip, .tar.gz
powsybl-dependencies v2023.0.0
Basic PowSyBl distribution v2.0.0 46.1 MB
source code: .zip, .tar.gz
powsybl-dependencies v2022.0.0
Basic PowSyBl distribution v1.8.0 45.8 MB
source code: .zip, .tar.gz
powsybl-dependencies v1.3.0
Basic PowSyBl distribution v1.7.0 44 MB
source code: .zip, .tar.gz
powsybl-dependencies v1.2.0
Basic PowSyBl distribution v1.6.0 43.1 MB
source code: .zip, .tar.gz
powsybl-core v4.8.0 and powsybl-open-loadflow v0.20.0
Basic PowSyBl distribution v1.5.0 42.7 MB
source code: .zip, .tar.gz
powsybl-core v4.5.1 and powsybl-open-loadflow v0.14.0
Basic PowSyBl distribution v1.4.0 42.6 MB
source code: .zip, .tar.gz
powsybl-core v4.4.0 and powsybl-open-loadflow v0.13.0
Basic PowSyBl distribution v1.3.0 42.8 MB
source code: .zip, .tar.gz
powsybl-core v4.1.2 and powsybl-open-loadflow v0.10.1
Basic PowSyBl distribution v1.2.0 42.2 MB
source code: .zip, .tar.gz
powsybl-core v4.0.1 and powsybl-open-loadflow v0.9.0
Basic PowSyBl distribution v1.1.0 45.1 MB
source code: .zip, .tar.gz
powsybl-core v3.8.0 and powsybl-open-loadflow v0.8.0
Basic PowSyBl distribution v1.0.0 40.6 MB
source code: .zip, .tar.gz
powsybl-core v3.5.0 and powsybl-open-loadflow v0.5.0

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