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The open source set of Power System Blocks in Java, dedicated to grid analysis and simulation

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About PowSyBl

PowSyBl (Power System Blocks) is an open source framework written in Java, dedicated to electrical grid modelling and simulation. The power system blocks may be used through scripts for a quick shot, but also be assembled to build state of the art applications.

PowSyBl is part of the LF Energy Foundation, a project of The Linux Foundation that supports open source innovation projects within the energy and electricity sectors.

One major aim of the project is to make it easy to write complex software for power system simulation and analysis.

For example, using PowSyBl one can create applications able to:

  • handle a variety of formats, such as CGMES for European data exchanges
  • perform power flow simulations and security analyses on the network
  • perform dynamic simulations on the network

Another key characteristic of PowSyBl is its modular design, at the core of the open source approach. It enables developers to extend or customize its features by providing their own plugins.

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PowSyBl offers a comprehensive set of features for grid modeling and simulation.

Grid modeling

PowSyBl provides a thorough library for grid components modeling, fully editable and extendable.

Exchange formats

PowSyBl supports imports and exports in several standard formats, such as CIM-CGMES, UCTE-DEF, etc.

Grid simulation

Run grid simulations, such as power flows, security analyses (with or without remedial actions), sensitivity analyses, etc.

Advanced features

PowSyBl provides a python binding, HPC support, microservices, time-series, scalable data management, and more

They use PowSyBl

PowSyBl is already used in a number of projects, discover them below.


Open-source modular toolbox for power system coordination process


Open source time domain simulation tool for power systems using the Modelica language


A suite of web-based tools for grid simulation and analysis


PowSyBl's first POC to perform merging and security analysis across countries

Partners and vendors

The institutions below contribute to PowSyBl and/or build services and products based on PowSyBl. Please contact us if your institution ought to be listed here but is missing.