Getting and keeping in touch

Mailing lists


Discussion and questions on PowSyBl’s usage and development happens on the following mailing lists:

  • General: General mailing list for user questions and discussions. This is also where new releases are announced.
  • Developers: Questions and discussions related to PowSyBl development.
  • Technical Steering Committee: Votes and decisions impacting the project organization or its technical direction.



We use the PowSyBl Slack organization for all chat. You can join to discuss or ask questions on PowSyBl’s usage, if you suspect that you have found a bug in PowSyBl or if you’d like to propose an enhancement.

Reporting bugs

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If you encounter a problem with PowSyBl, the first places to ask for help are the user mailing list and the #issues slack channel.

If, after having asked for help, you suspect that you have found a bug in PowSyBl, you should report it by opening an issue in the appropriate GitHub repository. Before creating a bug report, please perform a cursory search to see if the problem has already been reported. Prefer to add a comment to an existing issue instead of opening a new one to avoid duplication and make it more complex the triage of issues.

If there is no already existing issue for your problem, feel free to create a new issue. Please provide as much details as you can on your problem filling the issue template, and don’t forget to indicate which version of PowSyBl you are running and on which environment.



Our spectrum was another place to ask questions on PowSyBl, but unfortunately the whole Spectrum website is now read-only. Please use Slack instead.