The load-flow-based-phase-shifter-optimizer module is used by the com.powsybl.action.util.LoadFlowBasedPhaseShifterOptimizer class, which is an implementation of the com.powsybl.action.util.PhaseShifterOptimizer interface. The LoadFlowBasedPhaseShifterOptimizer tries to solve a current violation on a phase tap changer.

Required properties

The load-flow-name property is an optional property that defines the implementation name to use for running the load flow. If this property is not set, the default loadflow implementation is used. See Loadflow Configuration to configure the default load flow.

Note: In previous PowSyBl releases (before 3.0.0), this was configured by the load-flow-factory property with the full classname of the implementation.


YAML configuration:

    load-flow-name: Mock

XML configuration: