Project Governance

Project Owner

PowSyBl is part of LF Energy, an open source foundation focused on the power systems sector, hosted within The Linux Foundation. LF Energy provides a neutral, collaborative community to build the shared digital investments that will transform the world’s relationship to energy.


Committers are contributors who have made several valuable contributions to the project and have earned the ability to modify (“commit”) source code, documentation or other technical artifacts in the project’s repository. Besides contributing to the project, committers are relied on to review and validate the contributions of others. In many cases they are programmers but it is also possible that they contribute in a different role. Typically, a committer will focus on a specific aspect of the project, and will bring a level of expertise and understanding that earns them the respect of the community and the project owner.

Technical Steering Committee

The Technical Steering Committee (TSC) is composed of voting members elected by the active Committers as described in the project’s Technical Charter. The TSC is responsible for all aspects of oversight relating to the project, as further detailed in the Technical Charter.

In order to keep it efficient, the TSC is made up of less than 10 members.

Anne Tilloy is the TSC chairwoman and Sophie Frasnedo is her backup.


PowSyBl TSC voting members are:


While the PowSyBl organization aims to operate as a consensus based community, a TSC vote may be required to move forward. The voting members of the TSC will vote on a one vote per voting member basis. The simple majority is needed to approve proposals. A good way to vote is to create a poll here.


The PowSyBl project is split into several repositories. There is at least one committer in charge of each repository. By “in charge”, we mean:

  • Best effort to review the pull request,
  • Best effort to resolve issues,
  • Building and publishing the releases, including writing the release notes and informing the community,
  • In case of impossibility, the committer in charge has to ask the TSC through the list to find another committer to review the pull request, resolve the issue or build and publish the release.

Please refer to our maintainers list for more details about our work division.


Contributors include anyone in the technical community that contributes code, documentation, or other technical artifacts to the Project.

Anyone can become a contributor. There is no expectation of commitment to the project, no specific skill requirements and no selection process. To become a contributor, a community member simply has to perform one or more actions that are beneficial to the project.